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She Had to Settle for a Life She Despised​

I was born in a family of five, three girls and two boys. My sisters got married and the experiences some of them have had to endure are beyond comprehension, gender-based violence, abuse, neglect, infidelity, you name it, that is what characterized their relationships. I tried to intervene when one of them was assaulted grossly since she reached out for help. My attempts to help which included reporting to the police, and seeking legal counsel did not bear any results. My reports at the police ended nowhere due to rampant corruption. My advice to my sister to build a life or relationship on her own terms fell on deaf ears.

She needed to feel secure, she needed provision and protection and ultimately, she needed the power to decide to change her situation. I could not understand why anybody would be stuck and stay in such a state, yet they had the freedom to choose. It became clear that the odds were against her because whenever she attempted to leave to change her situation, she was met with threats over her life as well as threats on anybody including myself that tried to help her. This made my sister give up on ever seeking the life she desired, a life of peace, harmony, and fulfillment was just but a pipedream. One day I asked how she is able to take all that abuse and violence, and her response was that she decided to concentrate on feeding and fattening herself so that there is enough surface area for more beatings.

I felt sad that my sister felt helpless and that she had to settle for a life she despised. This broke my heart so much that I decided to use the pain to push me to find answers. I made a decision to equip myself and find a solution for the wonderful women and conscious men of the world. With my own experience in dating and marriage and with years of study, research and Coaching, I came up with a step-by-step process that will help my clients prepare, start, build and or maintain quality love relationships. Yes, I want these women and conscious men to attract better, and experience happy relationships where love, respect, and support is not only served but it is reciprocated, a life of Joy and fulfillment.

I had the pleasure of working in the NGO Sector as a program officer in Behavior Change and Communication programming, funded by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). I have been trained through the International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach training program- Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in the USA , where I acquired the credentials of a Certified Professional Coach and Core Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. I have also invested time learning about my ideal client in order to serve them better. I am here to help my clients build high-quality relationships that last as they live out their lives to the full.

This is an invitation for you to create your experience of quality relationships. It can be the key to the love life and marriage you have always desired, a life of Joy and fulfillment, you can get this without wasting time and money. You could grab this opportunity now and be taken by the hand, guided on this life’s journey. I am passionate and dedicated to ensuring that you move from where you are to that new place you desire to be in life. If you are ready for your transformation?
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